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Wheelz and the Game – All about currency and money has been growing rapidly since its creation in 2010 and while it’s becoming a robust website with thousands of readers, they keep craving for more content. Our budget isn’t as strong yet, and our writers are working to their best capacity to bring diverse financial topics to the table, but even doing that, our readers keep asking us for more.

Although at first we wanted to hire everyone in order to keep making more content about financial security, financial freedom, banks, financial services, and such, but our budget isn’t enough to cover all those costs without compromising another aspects of the website or even our own personal financial situations. Our financial security is also a priority to us.

Considering the fact that most of our readers are people keen to learn about these important topics, Wheelz and the Game – All about currency and money decided to open up and give them a try if they want to write for the magazine. We’ve been surprise about some information about financial advice that was given to us through comments on these articles.

If you think you have the writing skills and a passion for money-making, contact us and we can give you a trial. Keep learning at Wheelz!