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The Best 7 International Banks to Invest With 1 - The Best 7 International Banks to Invest With

The Best 7 International Banks to Invest With

Whenever we think about what type of bank will gave us the best benefits and guarantees possible when looking for an international bank to invest and build some credit in, it’s important to have some basic knowledge in the matter and know when and where to take advantage of it.

Investment banks may have lots of functions that could not be useful for all customers, such as retail banking, focusing on capital financing for global and local businesses, whether they are individuals or governments related. This list will help you know more about some of the best banks for it, so you can choose the bank that fits your criteria.

Goldman Sachs

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A really old banking firm founded in 1869 and based in New York City. Goldman Sachs offers a nice set of services including investment banking, institutionalized client services, investing, and lending and investment management.

JP Morgan Chase

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JP Morgan Chase is a gigantic investment bank firm which operates in 60 countries around the world. It has a wide range of services alongside investment banking, with services as consumer and community banking, commercial banking, asset and wealth management also offered.


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It was founded in 1896, in the United Kingdom, and after dealing with some allegations back in 2013 it’s backed with an immense workforce of 139,600 employees, offers help with investment banking, and has a strong presence in retail and commercial banking and card processing business.

Bank of America Corporation

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Is an American multinational banking and financial services company offering several services, starting from investment banking, mortgage, trading brokerage, and card services. Bank of America operates in more than 40 countries around the world with higher net incomes every year.

Morgan Stanley

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Based in New York and founded back in 1935, this global firm will help you with the usual capital raising, but also offers diversified services like prime brokerage, custodian, settlement and clearing.

UBS Group AG

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The Zurich based  investment firm was found in 1862 and specializes in services to high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, and offers services to help the investment banking, private, retail and commercial banking streams.

HSBC Holdings plc

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HSBC Group

The London based financial powerhouse was founded in 1865 and operates in 75 countries around the world serving more than 54 million global customers. The firm offers a wide set of services, going from forex, leasing, account services, M&A, card processing, investment banking and private banking.

This list may be helpful if you are looking to invest with a firm that can make you build your earnings and even multiply it with a secure investment plan that can make both the customer and the bank to get even higher net rates every year. We encourage you to do some research on the matter and make the best decision for your future.

Credit Cards – Both Sides of the Story - Credit Cards – Both Sides of the Story

Credit Cards – Both Sides of the Story

There’s always the misunderstanding that having a credit card will solve all of our problems, but great power, always comes with great responsibility. But if you don’t know how to handle yourself and don’t know what your bank wants from you in return can make having credit cards both a blessing and a curse.

To know how to work with a credit card the best way possible, it’s important to know the basics about credit cards. And whether you used it to pay a new car’s down payment, or just groceries, you could end up paying more interest than your actual purchase if you are not aware of these facts shown below.

What You’ll Like

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They can be a blessing in the middle of a bad financial situation, and help you pay for things online can make you improve your credit rating, which can make the bank to offer you more than one credit Card at a time, if you are a reliable debt payer.

But you will never need more than one credit card to make your credit score go higher. So never fall in that game where all the Stores offer you a special credit card to have more discounts or buyers rewards if you use it in their inventory.

Credit Cards were a way to wealth for the post-war generation because the card let you get low interest to buy homes or pay for education, and pairing that to a steady job, it can provide some financial security.

What You Won’t Like

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You can always pay the minimum balance and maintain your bills on the low side of the spectrum. The bank will appreciate it as you keep the interest going up. But no one wants to give away their money to pay higher interests when you don’t have to. In the end, that minimum balance may not even pay for the total interest you are dealing with.

Look around for a bank that let you apply for a card with a low interest and a low credit limit. This way it will pay you back eventually and it will inhibit your chances to risk a big deal just by impulse shopping. You will learn how to save money on your credit card if you don’t have much to spend in the first place. Maybe the bank won’t like it, but your wallet will thank you for it.

Whenever you find yourself in some credit card trouble, and have more debt than income, it is important to call your credit card company or your bank to explain your situation. They will, most likely, offer you a lower interest rate and let you pay the new debt in less than a year, but in times of need, it’s a good thing to know.

We understand that with credit cards, the game is about priorities. Learn to choose your battles and try not to give in spontaneous shopping without analyzing  what would that mean to your credit and your payments abilities.

Crypto Currencies – Are They Worth Your Attention - Crypto Currencies – Are They Worth Your Attention?

Crypto Currencies – Are They Worth Your Attention?

We weren’t prepared for their arrival, but Crypto Currencies are now a big part of the money game, and everyone committed to being a wealthy individual should understand all the basic principles about them. A good investor will like to understand every part of the money game.

Crypto Currencies are on the rise, and while many experts say they will never replace real money, some people have managed to earn millions just by holding an amount of these for them selling them when they become really expensive. This is a simple, yet risky solution, and true investors won’t be playing that game too long when trying to build solid wealth.

The Good Side

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The attractive factor here is that they’re growing rapidly, with hundreds of them appearing every day. They’re based on solutions which allow the use of currency on most countries, and technology is always a good money driver.

We also have to consider how expensive they’ve becoming at an incredible rate. For example, Bitcoin investors have been able to earn millions just from the growth of its price, and that’s really attractive to new investors.

The Bad Side

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Many financial experts claim that crypto currencies are sort of a bubble, and like all other bubbles, will explode sooner or later. The fact that they’re not supported by anything turns them into volatile platforms, and that’s when the game becomes dire.

Another thing is that there are legal risks to consider when investing on crypto currencies, as not every country accepts them as money, to the point that in some countries is completely illegal to log in into an online purse. You have to know where you stand on this regard.

While they might seem like the best investment option right now, crypto currencies are just that, currencies. Although the game is different, investing in currencies is a dangerous game and we see it as such. It’s good to hold an amount of crypto currencies, but don’t turn it into your main investment option.

Money Tips – The Magic of Compounding - Money Tips – The Magic of Compounding

Money Tips – The Magic of Compounding

Many people want to invest their money properly, but they’re not even thinking about saving money aside for it. If you’re really committed in becoming a real investor, start by having some of your money untouched every month and learn the simple rules that govern money making and finances. You’ll be at ease when these things are integrated in your mindset.

One of these forgotten rules is the rule of compounding interest, and this is the key component of every rich guy’s saving and investing plan. When we’re talking about people creating retirement funds, this is the most important factor of them all. Truth is, if you want to be rich, you have to start investing money as early as you can to reap the benefits of compounding interest.

What are we talking about?

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Compounding is simple, as it’s just the process of generating more revenue on a specific asset’s earnings. This is why young people can start saving with little-to-no income, as time will make up for the lack of money they have. The simple truth is, if you have enough time to keep investing, you’ll eventually be rich.

How can it be implemented?

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Implementing this principle to retire rich is easy. You just have to be willing to invest every month while also reinvesting your asset’s earning every time. For it to work properly, you just need to be consistent and wait. That’s why is one of the most important principles when thinking about becoming a rich person by the time you want to finally retire.

Using compound interest to earn big money is really simple and steady process, which is often viewed as a comfort zone by many entrepreneurs, but every rich guy on earth praises this mechanism as the only one responsible for their gigantic checking accounts and in Wheelz, we use the same technique with our own money. Don’t waste more time and start investing in your future!

Money Tips – - Money Tips – The 60/30/20 Method

Money Tips – The 60/30/20 Method

Being good at money managing isn’t something you learn by reading some books, as you have to experience every rule for yourself.

Budgets are part of the path of financial security and freedom, but almost no one make use of this simple concept. Most people are just living without properly managing their incomes, making them vulnerable to disasters and sudden expenses.

The majority of people would be a happier just by organizing and categorizing their needs while watching closely to how they spend their money.

Without this knowledge, they can’t decide what to do with their incomes, and their lives suffer from this. There’s a simple budgeting protocol for these types of individuals, the 50/30/20 method, let’s break it down.

The 50/30/20 Method

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This method was invented by Harvard bankruptcy expert Elizabeth Warren and it revolves around the idea of separating our wants and needs in different categories to make our financial choices easier to handle. Although this is just a basic template to work it, but even people with good financial knowledge could take something out of it, but how does it work?

Limit Your Needs

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One of the most important elements of the 50/30/20 method is knowing what is considered a “want” and what’s considered a real “need,” and this can be the trickiest part for the majority of people who’re just starting with the protocol, as you should limit your needs to spend up to 50% of your after-taxes income on them and no more than that.

Needs are things that will change your quality of life if not paid, as medicine bills and your mortgage, and wants are everything you can buy to indulge yourself a bit, like your cable bill or new clothes for summer time. Credit cards’ minimum payments are needs, but going beyond that wouldn’t be. This can be complicated at first, but you’ll get used to it.

Limit Your Wants

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Our wants are important if we want to keep our budgets viable, and it’s important to designate 30% of your after-taxes income to wants of your own. These don’t include extravagant stuff, but only things that will boost your quality of life, as cosmetic repairs to your car, your cable plan, or the unlimited cellphone plan you love so much. We’re not talking about trips to Bali here.

Pay Your Debts and Save Money

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The most important part of the plan is your saving protocol. Start by knowing that you can’t actually save money if you have debt. You should spend 20% of your after-taxes income paying for any debt you have left and then start saving that same percentage for a proper emergency fund and a retirement account. This seems simple, but people won’t even try.

Next time you’re thinking about your money and making your weekly budget, think about how you can implement this protocol. If you’re struggling with budgeting, this could be the simplest solution available. Some of us in Wheelz actually live by these rules, and they work perfectly.